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In this Privacy Statement, Check Technologies B.V. (hereinafter: ‘Check’, ‘we’ or ‘our’) sets out how we process your personal data which you provide to us or which we obtain through our Website (the ‘Website’) and/or our Application (the ‘app’). This Privacy Statement was last amended on 10 February 2020. We may amend the Privacy Statement from time to time.

  1. About us
    Check is the party responsible for processing your personal data (the ‘controller’) within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’).

    Check is located at Galileistraat 15, 3029 AL Rotterdam. Any questions you might have can be e-mailed to
  2. What personal data do we process
    This Privacy Statement provides information on the processing of personal data of visitors to our Website and App. Consider in this regard contact details, payment details and website use. We also use cookies (after seeking your consent, if required). Further information on this can be found in our Cookie Statement at

    Amongst other things, we process the following personal data in execution of the rental agreement:
    - name and address;
    - date of birth;
    - credit card and other payment details (will be saved by the payment service
    - driving license details;
    - email address; and
    - phone number.

    Amongst other things, we process the following personal data from visitors to our Website and App:
    - website visit and use of the app;
    - IP address; and
    - details of your device.

    Amongst other things, we process the following personal data from renters:
    - ID number scooter;
    - battery charging and use of electricity;
    - covered distance;
    - ride duration;
    - vehicle status; and
    - location data of the ride.
  3. For what purpose do we process personal data?
    We process personal data for the purposes of our service provision, within the framework of the
    execution of the rental agreement, to make our Website / App work in a good and effective way,
    in order to comply with statutory obligations and for sending relevant information.

    Personal data of (prospective) renters are processed for the following purposes:
    - formation and execution of the rental agreement;
    - to offer, deliver and adapt the agreed services, products and/or information to your needs and wishes;
    - the promotion and analysis of our services and those of our affiliated partners;
    - ensuring that our services are not abused;
    - security of scooters;
    - fraud and crime prevention through identification and verification of documents and devices;
    - detect and remedy faults and malfunctions in the rental process; and
    - to improve our services.

    The personal data supplied by visitors to our Website/App is processed for the following purposes:
    - to compile user statistics;
    - to promote security and improvement of our Website / App; and
    - to improve our services.

    If data cannot be traced directly to a person we might also share that information with third parties for other purposes.
  4. Grounds for processing personal data
    In order to be allowed to process your personal data, there must be a legitimate basis for doing
    so as set out in the GDPR. In the case of Check this legitimate basis will be – depending on the
    type of personal data concerned – performance of a rental agreement, a legal obligation, a
    legitimate interest or consent. If you do not provide certain personal data, you may not be
    allowed to rent a scooter or use all of the features of the Website / App.

    Rental agreement: We need to process personal data for the purpose of being able to rent out a
    scooter to you. Examples include your name and address, payment details and driving license

    Legal obligations: We need to process (and, in particular, save or hand over) certain personal
    data pursuant to legislation as tax law..

    Legitimate interest: We have an interest in approaching you with certain information for
    promotional and testing purposes and to ensure that this Website / App is functioning optimal,
    unless your privacy interests outweigh our interests. For that reason, we keep a record of your
    use of the website, for example.

    Consent: If none of the aforementioned bases for processing apply, then we will request your
    consent to process certain personal data.
  5. To whom do we issue personal data?
    In order to be of service to you and to carry out our tasks, we use other parties to process
    personal data on our behalf. Third parties that we engage may include, for example, insurers,
    accountants or collection agencies. We also share indirectly identifiable location data with
    municipalities for policy research. For some transfers, we have to ask your permission.
    Sometimes we are required by law or a court forces us to share personal information to, for
    example, the Tax Authorities, the police or the supervisory authority.

    If we have personal data processed by a third party, we enter into a written processing
    agreement with these so-called processors that complies with the GDPR. A processor may, for
    example, be a party that performs certain IT activities for us or a financial service that facilitates
  6. Processing personal data outside the EU
    We will endeavour to process your data solely within the European Union (‘EU’) by saving your
    data on a server located in the EU wherever possible. The GDPR is applicable in all countries of
    the EU. When we engage the services of data processors, we demand that they must process
    personal data on servers located in the EU. To the extent that this is not possible, we take the
    requisite measures to provide a suitable level of protection to ensure that your personal data is
  7. Your rights with regard to personal data
    You are entitled, under certain circumstances, to access any personal data processed by us or to
    have it corrected or deleted or restrict its processing. Sometimes you can also lodge an objection
    or request a transfer of your personal data. To submit a request to us in this respect, please
    contact us. See, under “Support/FAQ”.

    Access and correction
    : If you wish to know whether we are processing your personal data or
    would like to amend your personal data, please get in touch with us. We are entitled to ask you to
    provide proof of your identity first.

    Erasure: Under certain circumstances, the GDPR allows you to have personal data erased. We
    will assess whether it is possible to implement such a request: in some cases we will have to
    retain your personal data, e.g. to comply with an obligation or to see to it that you will no longer
    receive messages from us.

    Restriction: You are entitled to contact us with a request to restrict the processing of your data if
    you think that your personal data is incorrect, the processing of it is unlawful, you require it for
    legal action or you have objected to it being processed.

    Objection: If we process your personal data on the basis of a legitimate interest, then you can
    object to further use of your personal data on the grounds of your specific reasons.

    Objection to receiving messages: If you no longer wish to receive email messages or any other
    electronic messages from us, then you can deregister for these by clicking on the unsubscribe
    button in an email message received from us. You can also deregister by contacting us.
  8. How do we secure your personal data?
    We have taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to prevent loss or unlawful
    processing of personal data.

    Login details are stored encrypted and personal data is processed in a secure environment that
    is provided with an SSL certificate.
  9. How long do we keep your personal data?
    We will not keep your personal data for longer than is necessary for the purposes for which we
    use it. We are required by law to keep some data for a certain period of time. Wherever possible,
    we will pseudonymise or anonymise your personal data to the fullest extent possible.
  10. Questions and complaints
    If you have any questions on the way in which we process your personal data, please let us
    know by sending an email to We will be happy to help.
    If you have a complaint that we are unable to solve for you, you can always submit a complaint to
    the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPO).

Questions or issues? Reach out via email at We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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