Samen steden leefbaar maken.

Zo doen we dat.

Our Manifest

Cities and mobility are changing.
Less people own vehicles.
More people share.
That means: a more sustainable city, less traffic and more public space.
It sounds fantastic.
But it only works, if it really works.
It has to be easy.
In fact: easier than we are used to. Otherwise change won’t persevere.
The moment is now.

And that’s why Check is here.
24/7. Getting everywhere in the city.
Within 15 minutes.
Why make things difficult
when they can be easy?
Worry no more about
your way around town.
Relax. No stress.
Check always goes when you need it.
Only your schedule. On your terms.
Wherever you go.

Free parking. No traffic.
Always the wind in your back.
That’s easy and convenient.
And responsible too.
That is freedom.
We are the change that
changes mobility.
We make the city more liveable.
The easiest way around town.

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Questions or issues? Reach out via email at We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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